Serene view across Norfolk BayThe Mess Hall







1. The Waterfront Walk: Highly recommended. 1/2 hour return on a very easy track.
Walk down towards the water. In front of the Mess Hall there is a track leading down the bank. Once at the bottom, follow the fence to the creek and across the bridge, then follow the track to your right. You reach a gravel road and you can then follow this to the water and the site of the convict jetty (used to ship timber away). Proceed back the same way or along the gravel road and onto the Main Road.

Giant Man Ferns2. The Rainforest Walk: From your cottage, walk up the main road. Turn right, then walk for 30 meters and turn left into the driveway of the private residence. Ignore the "Private Propery" sign. Walk up the gravel lane past the house (old convict hospital) until you get to the end - where th stock yards are (about 500 meters).

Veer right, go through the gateway marked "Track" and then follow the track along the fenceline into the forest.Continue to follow the track along the creek. You can stop at the old quarry and the site of the convict sawmill (signed).

The Rainforest WalkWalk until the track climbs up the hill away from the creek. Return via the same route or take the alternative route described below.

Variation - 2 hours duration approx. Come back to the main track, and continue ahead until you reach a very steep section (the end of the main track), climb up here and through a gate into the neighbour’s paddocks (they don’t mind as long as you shut the gates). Continue across paddocks until you reach the main road (Firetower Road) or come down across the paddocks to the bottom of the pine tree plantation. Proceed up and down the hill (gate at top) leading back to the gravel lane.

Peninsula Tracks
Tasman National Park:
For details see “Peninsula Tracks - 35 Walks In and Around the Tasman National Park” by Peter & Shirley Storey, in your accommodation. The Peninsula has a variety of easy one day & half day walks, but some are for the more experienced bush walkers requiring suitable clothing, footwear and equipment. All go through beautiful unspoilt bush & have spectacular scenery. Visit the Tasman National Park web page.

The tidal Flats of Norfolk BayCascades Bay: The tidal flats below the Mess Hall are a pleasant walk at low tide only, but quite wet until you get to the sand (old footwear recommended).

Port Arthur Area: Crescent Bay, 1 - 2 hours return; Cape Hauy, at least half day; Lime Bay (Coal Mines); Clark’s Cliffs (Firetower Road) 2 - 3 hours etc.

Parker's Beach: 5 mins drive along the road to Nubeena, and turn right at the sign.

Roaring Beach: A beautiful and remote ocean beach with sand dunes. Turn off at the signpost just before Nubeena (next to the hardware store) and then 15-20 mins drive.

Other Beaches: White Beach (Nubeena), Stewarts Bay, Safety Cove, Fortescue Bay (all Port Arthur area), Eaglehawk Neck. All offer something a little different.

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